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Cosmetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, hair transplantation,....

Eye Care

Surgeries such as Laser, Cataract, Glaucoma, Corneal, Eyelid, Orbital,....

Dental Care

Filling and repair, Root canals, Dental crown, Extractions, Teeth whitening,...

Check Up

Assisting you through any medical check up or examination

Iran Medical tourism

Iran medical teams are made up experienced specialists who present modern services by developing in the technology . According to the dollar rate in Iran, this service is very affordable for travelers, and also based on Iranian medical skills, many people travel to Iran to use these medical services . Meanwhile due to clients needs, Irantours travel agency has launched a new part for ones who just travel for medical assistance. In this section, Except the client requested surgery; provide further services such as: (Visa, Transfers, Translator, Accommodation, Food, Domestic flight tickets, Doctor’s meeting appointment, Hospital reservation, Medical Team reservation, Preparing patient‘s Medical documents, Medical Examination, all tests and scans performances, etc.) do our best to provide our customers satisfaction. Also, our special offer for travelers before the surgery would be daily intercity and suburban tours and attractions.


See what we provide for you

Certified Doctors

we provide personal and confidential booking and hospital registration services on your behalf

Guided Tours

City tours, Sightseeing and shopping packages


30 percent in advance and the rest upon arrival

Free Transfers

Free transfers by private car & driver to and from all medical appointments and airport transfers

Follow up Care

Once the patient's treatment is complete, we follow-up on protocols initiated

Free iran visa number

considering booking our Iran medical tourism service, we provide free visa appliance.

Daily tour offer

 to prepare for the surgery and mutual travel experience, we propose to make Shiraz one-day tour and enjoy the city sights and attractions.

Persepolis Tour:

At 8:30 A.M. drive from Shiraz for an hour to get to Persepolis as a magnificent pre-Islamic Persian ruins from Achaemenid dynasty 530 BC, registered as a world heritage. Later drive to Necropolis (Naghsh-e Rustam) that is also a registered world heritage and hosts Achaemenid, Sassanian, Elamite and Qajar tombs, bass relieve and inscriptions plus Ghoran Gate and Khajooye Kermani in Shiraz.

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Shiraz City Tour:

At 9:00 A.M. walk to the picturesque Nasir Almolk mosque from Qajar dynasty. Visit the citadel of Karimkhan, Zand dynasty's king who chose Shiraz as his capital and ordered the construction of the buildings we are visiting today. Then walk to Pars museum to see the amazing paintings from the time, the Karimkhan tomb inside the pavilion and Nazar gardens. Afterwards walk to Vakil mosque to see the style of the construction of the time and at the end walk to the Vakil bazaar and Saraye Moshir. Drive to Eram gardens to immerse into a magnificent sample of Persian gardens style and a registered world heritage. Then drive to Hafez tomb and gardens to immerse into the mystery of a revered Persian poet, Hafez and one of the most visited sites in Iran.