Hotels in Shiraz and Accommodations Booking

Zandieh Hotel Shiraz

Fancy five-star Zandiyeh Hotel is designed and constructed following the interior style of Safavid era.

Grand Hotel Shiraz

Grand Hotel (Hotel Bozorg Shiraz) is located at the northern entrance of the city, next to the Quran Gate and some other attractions.

Homa Hotel Shiraz

5-star luxury Homa hotel is located near park of Azadi, in the northwestern of tourism and pilgrimage city of Shiraz in green and quiet area.

Chamran Hotel Shiraz

Chamran Grand Hotel of Shiraz is a five star hotel located in Chamran Boulevard surrounded by the Ghasrodasht gardens in Shiraz, Iran

Pars International Hotel Shiraz

The Pars International Hotel, as the most luxurious hotels of south of the country.

Perspolis Hotel Shiraz

Perspolice International Hotel is located in city centre of Shiraz, Iran cultural capital and neighboring with ancient heritage of this land