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Tabriz is the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province, in northwestern Iran

The Best Important Things To Visit While Arriv-ing In Tabriz

Tabriz Bazaar
Blue Mosque Tabriz(kabud)
Azerbaijan Museum Collections
Top foods to try
Kufteh Tabrizi, also known as Tabriz Köftesi,The dish normally includes a big meat ball with meat, rice, yellow split peas, herbs and other ingredients and its juice which is served in a separate dish with shredded Sangak or Lavash bread before the main course.
khoresht havij also Carrot Gippo .
Ash Omaj . Shorbay Tareh


Old Culture attraction


The rocky village of Kandovan is the flagship of the East Azarbaijan tourism and is the only rocky village in the world where people still live, and its people live in old houses. Kandovan was formed about 7 centuries back by piercing shapely shapes that were the result of the eruption of an old volcano. Nowadays this village is one of the most prosperous and beautiful tourist attraction in the East Azarbaijan with its 5-star hotel and the National Heritage List. This village is located in the southwest of Tabriz, on the beautiful Sahand slopes, and is the best example of the 3 rocky villages in the world.

local food taste

Tabriz is a very traditional and old Iranian city, and its chefs are known for their aromatic and tasty dishes, and this city’s local dishes have always been among its most important attractions! Come along with Irantours to find out more about the names of these dishes and record them in your mind so that when you head toward Tabriz you’d be able to have a quicker and precise choice.

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Half-Day Kandovan Tour:

Drive to Kandovan and walk in this volcanic village


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Tabriz City Tour:

Darive to Azerbaijan museum and after visiting it constitutiona revolution museum. Then drive to visit Shahriar tomb, Kabood mosque, Scales museum and historic house, Tabriz Bazaar and Ilgoli mansion and park.