Iran Attractions

Ancient Persia

The Iranian Empire proper begins in the Iron Age, following the influx of Iranian peoples. Iranian people gave rise to the Elamite, Medes, the Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sasanian Empires of classical antiquity.  Iran has now 24 ancient World Heritage Sites listed.

Iran Nomads

Nomadism is the tribal way of life and their economy is based on herding. transferring from one area to another and shifting as a huge group are elements of Nomadic Iranian attraction.

Tours of Iran’s Nomads are an exciting touring program that allows you to learn about the culture of Nomads and experience their life along with one of main tribes called in Iran. Through this tour you get to live their life, taste their wood stove cooked local food, see their style of animal herding and understand their customs.

Iran Mosques

Islam led to the innovation of art and became the trigger of creativity. Architecturally speaking, few places can contend with the mosques that Iran has to offer. It’s the blend of geometric designs, symmetry, and vibrant colors that dazzle the eyes of visitors and locals alike.

Iran Deserts

The Lut Desert

The Lut Desert was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List on July 17, 2016.[1] The surface of its sand has been measured at temperatures as high as 70 °C (159 °F),[2][3] making it one of the world’s driest and hottest places.

The sand desert

The long sandy hills, arch jungles, salt lakes and  The tranquility and deep silence and the magical night sky night sky are also the attractions of this desert.

Persia historical mansions

Persian buildings vary from peasant huts to tea houses and garden, pavilions to “some of the most majestic structures the world has ever seen”

Iranian architecture attraction displays great variety, both structural and aesthetic, from a variety of traditions and experience. Without sudden innovations, and despite the repeated trauma of invasions and cultural shocks, it has achieved “an individuality distinct from that of other Muslim countries”. Its paramount virtues are: “a marked feeling for form and scale; structural inventiveness, especially in vault and dome construction; a genius for decoration with a freedom and success not rivaled in any other architecture.

Iran Handicrafts

Iran, as one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, and the land of many tribes so different in culture, lifestyle, and tradition has enjoyed a wide variety of handicrafts during the history. Persian handicrafts, each narrating the stories of the culturally diverse populations in different parts of vast Iran, are among the best souvenirs for the tours to Iran.

persian gardens

The tradition and style of garden design represented by Persian gardens or Iranian gardens, an example of the paradise garden, has influenced the design of gardens from Andalusia to India and beyond.

Persian foods

We all know that every country has its own kinds of foods and drinks harmonized with its culture. Iran is a unique country because of the variety of nations and different cultures. This fact has made Iranian food so diverse that even most Iranians haven’t tried them all. Therefore if you’re a fan of food tourism and visiting Iran, knowing the best Iranian food can help you a lot in choosing what to try while you’re sitting in a restaurant with a grumpy waiter beside your table.

Persian Rurals

Iran traditional villages’ tours provide visitors with a genuine experience of the Middle-East.  Iran is one of the cradles of civilization and as a result a plethora of communities have formed themselves around the country since the time of antiquity.

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