Iran Desert Tour

Iran is a country full of historical attractions. If your travel time in Iran is short and you are interested in visiting the major attractions of Iran in its main cities ofTehran, Maranjab, Ghasr-e Bahram, Jandagh, Tabas, Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan, Tehran our 15-day classic Iran Tour can be a suitable choice for your travel itinerary in Iran. In case you are interested in historical attractions, nature, foods, handicrafts and observing the Iranian nation’s lifestyle, this trip can remain in your minds and memories for good as one of the most memorable travels of yours.


Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive Tehran – Check-in to your hotel and the afternoon is yours to explore the city.

Day 2

Tehran / Maranjab – After a morning of exploring the capitol of Iran we drive out of the city to spend the night camping next to the sand dunes near Maranjab. 

Sa’d Abad Museum Complex,Grand bazaar

Day 3

Ghaser-e Bahram – Continuing east through the Salt desert we stop for the night near a local caravanserai to pitch our tents.

Day 4

Jandagh– The desert scenery is at times stark but small nomadic villages along the way make the journey worth it

Day 5

Tabas The road continues on through the desert passing the villages of Meser, Garmeh and Arusan to bring us to Tabas the night where we overnight in tents. 

Day 6&7

Kerman (Rayen & Mahan) – After breakfast we settle in for a long drive to the remote city of Kerman. An excursion to the cities of Rayen and Mahan give us amazing insight into the old trading routes that came through this region. 

Shah Nematolah Vali,Shahzadeh Garden (UNESCO Site),Shahdad desert overnight (1nt)

Day 8

Yazd– The old quarter of Yazd is famous for its textiles and carpets, with many little alleys to wander and explore. 

Yazd – Jameh Mosque,Towers of Silence burial grounds,Amir Chakhmaq Complex,Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Day 9

Pasargadae / Shiraz – A long drive first takes us to the ruins of Pasargadae before continuing on to Shiraz, known for its splendid gardens, exquisite mosques and famous poets. (B)

Pasargadae – Tomb of Cyrus (UNESCO Site),Vakil Mosque & Bazzar

Day 10

Persepolis & Shiraz – Our day is filled with a tour of Persepolis before returning back to the city for any last minute shopping.  

Half day tour of Persepolis Complex (UNESCO Site),Rock tombs of Naqsh-e Rajab & Naqsh-e Rostam

Day 11

Shiraz– Known for its splendid gardens, exquisite mosques and famous poets we continue touring the sites of this famous city.  

Tombs of Hafez and Sa`adi,Eram Garden (UNESCO Site),Vakil Mosque & Bazzar,Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque,Karim Khan Citadel,Jameh-ye Atigh Mosque,Imamzadeh-ye Ali Ebn-e Hamze shrine

Day 12&13

Isfahan– Isfahan is a place for savouring the high refinements of Persian culture and getting lost in its old bazaar.

Imam Square (UNESCO Site),Ali Qapu Palace & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque,Chehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO Site),Vank Cathedral Museum,Zayandeh River Bridges (Si-o-seh & Khaju Bridges)

Day 14

Abyaneh / Kashan / Tehhran – On the way back to Tehran we stop in Kashan for a tour of this historic city that dates back over 6000 years. 

Abyaneh village tour,Fin Garden (UNESCO Site),Khan-e Borujedi

Day 15

Tehran and Depart – After breakfast you are free to depart anytime 

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