Iran Visa Application

Tourist Visa Documents:

There are 2 items needed to get your visa application file ready.

A- Online visa form. Fill out it carefully and submit

** A wallet size image of face (front page passport and a self-image together should be 512 KB and 3*4)

B- Scan of the main page of applicant’s passports

All are online which you just need to fill it on our website and submit it. Please note that the passport should be valid 6 months after your arrival time in Iran.

***** The passport copies must be clear and completely legible in PDF format to be qualified for MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); the passport codes at the bottom of the passport page must be clear.

Personal Information Section

Passport information section

Job Information section

Further information

The Visa Process:

As soon as the visa documents send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), it takes 3 to 8 working days (based on Iranian calendar) to get the visa result.

  • This process for American, British and Canadian passport holders takes about 1-2 months (more or less).

If the visa issue, an authorization code number will announce to our agency, so you can refer to the expected and chosen Iranian embassy to collect your visa. By having this code, it means that your visa is issued and it works as an invitation letter for the embassies.

  1. Kindly pay attention that the visa collection fee in the Iranian Embassies is a governmental fee and not relate to the agency, so it is on you to pay. The fee may be negotiable.
  2. Please pay attention to choose the expected embassy as the visa collection place with accuracy and especial attention; because the visa collection process may take about 1 week (more or less).
  3. Please note that when the visa authorization umber issues, you have time to refer to the embassy from next 2 days to 25 days, after that the visa number is EXPIRED.
  4. Please call to the expected embassy to get the updated information and needed documents for the visa collection as soon as your visa issues.
  5. Please generally pay attention to time and accessibility when you choose the embassy where you want to collect your visa. That is not changeable.
  6. Gheshm and Kish Islands are free zones; so visa is not needed to enter these places for 15 days.