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Like any country in the world, Iran also has a routine and classic routes that most visitors prefer to take when they first travel to Iran. However, the beauty of nature and landscapes in Iran are endless. Some of the villages have a unique architecture, if you stay with us and spend a few minutes reading this article, you will be familiar with those.

Abyaneh Village

With more than 2,000 years of history, the beautiful and cozy Abyaneh village is one of the most ancient villages in Iran. However, its fame is not because of its history bu due to the reddish color of every wall of the houses in the area.

If you ever travel to Abyaneh, try to see it from the other side of the river which gives you the best possible view of the village.

People of Abyaneh are very committed to their culture, tradition, and language. They are the only people who speak with some characteristics of the Middle Persian language in Iran which is the language of the Sassanian Persia.

The village is located between Isfahan and Kashan.

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Kandovan Village

Kandovan village with its Rock Houses is a 700-year-old village in the 40km south-west of Tabriz in the northwest of Iran. It is said that some of the chambers have more than thousands of years old.

The village is still inhabited and people live inside the volcanic rocks carved in the form of dwelling chambers. To have an authentic experience, when you travel to Kandovan, it would be a good idea to stay at Laleh Kandovan International Hotel which is one of the three rocky hotels in the world.

Meymand Village

The unique and magnificent village of Meymand was listed as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2015 as a cultural landscape. The same as Kandovan, people live in cave-dwelling carved.

However, there is a difference between Kandovan and Meymand in the shape, in which the chambers of Kandovan are more vertically while Meymand chambers are more horizontally.

To travel to Meymand which is located in Kerman province in the southeast of Iran, it’s better to take a road from Kerman to Meymand.

Masouleh Village

Masouleh Village is located in the green Gilan province in about 2 hours from Rasht and has a unique and magnificent architecture which is not only because of the style of buildings but more due to its size.

The houses are built in a way that the roof of one house serves as the courtyard of the home above. Both courtyards and roofs play a role as pedestrian areas. If you have a plan to travel to Masouleh, don’t forget to enjoy local cuisine as well.

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Palangan Village

The amazing village of Palangan is situated in Kurdistan province, near Sanandaj. Comparing to other villages, Palangan is very similar to Masouleh in Architecture, while, Kurdish culture adds a unique element to the area.

The area is really colorful during the day, and shiny at night. The village is also surrounded by beautiful jungles. A travel to Palangan, will give you the chance to understand the hospitable culture of Kurdish people.

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